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This bilingual homepage is dedicated to Anita Mui and her fans around the world. Please feel free to drop off ideas and share your thought with others. There is no language boundary here, so feel free to surf with many exciting memories of our dear Anita Mui. Also dedicated to our beloved Woodstock who has share with us her treasure & talent in creating  this website.


Our dearest Mui passed away peacefully at 2.50am, 30th Dec 2003 (HK time). Condolence to all her family, friends and fans around the world. May she be in peace and we shall treasure all her memory with us forever.

God bless Anita for giving us hope and joy in our journey, she shall be blessed in her coming life. May we all remember the best of her with joy and happiness she has brought to us, forever she will be with us, deep in our heart.

Anita Mui's memory will live with us forever, thru good and bad, she is always there to remind us to be caring and generous to people around us. With her passing, some people would begin to stir up issue to generate publicity. We sincerely hope all readers and fans to be careful and trust your own inner sense on the character of Mui herself. Avoid misleading news and stay healthy, works towards a better times to come. As Mui always said, " Treasure those beside you" and you will live the best of your life. ( The value or quality of life is not measure by times span, but rather the amount spent within the time span - Snoopy)

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